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Brokering Algorithms for Optimizing the Availability and Cost of Cloud Storage Services

Yaser Mansouri, Adel Nadjaran Toosi, Rajkumar Buyya

Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science | IEEE | Published : 2013


In recent years, cloud storage providers have gained popularity for personal and organizational data, and provided highly reliable, scalable and flexible resources to cloud users. Although cloud providers bring advantages to their users, most cloud providers suffer outages from time-to-time. Therefore, relying on a single cloud storage services threatens service availability of cloud users. We believe that using multi-cloud broker is a plausible solution to remove single point of failure and to achieve very high availability. Since highly reliable cloud storage services impose enormous cost to the user, and also as the size of data objects in the cloud storage reaches magnitude of exabyte, o..

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