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The locus of impairment in English developmental letter position dyslexia.

Yvette Kezilas, Saskia Kohnen, Meredith McKague, Anne Castles

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience | Published : 2014


Many children with reading difficulties display phonological deficits and struggle to acquire non-lexical reading skills. However, not all children with reading difficulties have these problems, such as children with selective letter position dyslexia (LPD), who make excessive migration errors (such as reading slime as "smile"). Previous research has explored three possible loci for the deficit - the phonological output buffer, the orthographic input lexicon, and the orthographic-visual analysis stage of reading. While there is compelling evidence against a phonological output buffer and orthographic input lexicon deficit account of English LPD, the evidence in support of an orthographic-vis..

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