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Asymmetrically-gated graphene self-switching diodes as negative differential resistance devices

Feras Al-Dirini, Faruque M Hossain, Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas, Efstratios Skafidas

Nanoscale | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2014


We present an asymmetrically-gated Graphene Self-Switching Diode (G-SSD) as a new negative differential resistance (NDR) device, and study its transport properties using nonequilibrium Green's function (NEGF) formalism and the Extended Huckel (EH) method. The device exhibits a new NDR mechanism, in which a very small quantum tunnelling current is used to control a much-larger channel conduction current, resulting in a very pronounced NDR effect. This NDR effect occurs at low bias voltages, below 1 V, and results in a very high current peak in the μA range and a high peak-to-valley current ratio (PVCR) of 40. The device has an atomically-thin structure with sub-10 nm dimensions, and does not ..

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