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Atmospheric Chemistry of Enols: A Theoretical Study of the Vinyl Alcohol OH O-2 Reaction Mechanism

Sui So, Uta Wille, Gabriel da Silva

Environmental Science & Technology | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2014


Enols are emerging as trace atmospheric components that may play a significant role in the formation of organic acids in the atmosphere. We have investigated the hydroxyl radical ((•)OH) initiated oxidation chemistry of the simplest enol, vinyl alcohol (ethenol, CH2═CHOH), using quantum chemical calculations and energy-grained master equation simulations. A lifetime of around 4 h was determined for vinyl alcohol in the presence of tropospheric levels of (•)OH. The reaction proceeds by (•)OH addition at both the α (66%) and β (33%) carbons of the π-system, yielding the C-centered radicals (•)CH2CH(OH)2, and HOCH2C(•)HOH, respectively. Subsequent trapping by O2 leads to the respective peroxyl ..

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