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Using longitudinal data to define the perimenopause by menstrual cycle characteristics.

EC Dudley, JL Hopper, J Taffe, JR Guthrie, HG Burger, L Dennerstein

Climacteric | Published : 1998


OBJECTIVES: To determine which aspects of menstrual change best predict time to postmenopause. METHODS: A total of 250 Australian-born women aged 45-55 years were divided into five menstrual status categories: Group I reported no change in menstrual flow or frequency; Group II reported change in flow; Group III reported change in frequency; Group IV reported change in both frequency and flow; and Group V reported between 3 and 11 months of amenorrhea. Menstrual status groups were compared on baseline data for age, hormone levels, hot flushes and self-rated menopausal status. The proportion of women moving to postmenopause in subsequent years was compared using 4 years of follow-up data. RESU..

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