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An investigation of gait in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A case controlled study

Nicole Papadopoulos, Jennifer L McGinley, John L Bradshaw, Nicole J Rinehart

Psychiatry Research | ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD | Published : 2014


This study aimed to compare the gait of children with ADHD - Combined Type (ADHD-CT) to typically developing (TD) children. Children with ADHD-CT (n=14; mean age 10 years 4 months) and a TD group (n=13; mean age 10 years 9 months) walked at self-selected slow, preferred and fast speed on an electronic walkway system. Participants completed a total of 15 walking trials; 5 trials per walking condition. Groups were matched on age, intellectual functioning, height and weight. In the preferred walking condition, there was no difference in spatio-temporal gait variables between the ADHD-CT and TD control groups. At self-selected fast speed, children with ADHD-CT were faster and walked with a highe..

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