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Optimal control of a parallel hybrid vehicle with a traffic preview

Tae Soo Kim, Chris Manzie, Rahul Sharma

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineering Part D - Journal of Automobile Engineering | SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD | Published : 2014


In this work, a short preview of traffic provided by on-board sensors is used to minimize fuel consumption in a parallel hybrid vehicle capable of controlling both the vehicle velocity and the torque-split ratio. A two-stage version of Pontryagin's minimum principle was used, but some of the standard simplifying assumptions in reduced-order modelling of hybrid vehicles were avoided to ensure that the fuel economy is not unduly compromised. The proposed controller is implemented in a receding-horizon fashion to incorporate updated telemetry information at each sampling instant. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated by simulations on two hybrid vehicle models containing high..

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