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Galanin-3 Receptor Antagonism by SNAP 37889 Reduces Motivation to Self-administer Alcohol and Attenuates Cue-Induced Reinstatement of Alcohol-Seeking in iP Rats

Belinda L Ash, Tim Quach, Spencer J Williams, Andrew J Lawrence, Elvan Djouma

Journal of Pharmacological Sciences | JAPANESE PHARMACOLOGICAL SOC | Published : 2014


The neuropeptide galanin has a role in promoting alcohol consumption and general feeding behavior. The galanin-3 receptor (GALR3) subtype is implicated in modulating the consumption of alcohol and has therefore been identified as a potential target for new pharmacotherapies to treat alcohol use disorders. We have previously shown that the selective GALR3 antagonist SNAP 37889 reduced voluntary alcohol consumption in iP (alcohol-preferring) rats. The present study firstly aimed to investigate the effect of GALR3 antagonism on the motivational properties of alcohol. Secondly, the potential of GALR3 as a therapeutic target in the prevention of relapse was investigated in response to alcohol-con..

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