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The silent salesman: an observational study of personal tobacco pack display at outdoor cafe strips in Australia

Melanie A Wakefield, Meghan Zacher, Megan Bayly, Emily Brennan, Joanne Dono, Caroline Miller, Sarah J Durkin, Michelle M Scollo

Tobacco Control | BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2014


OBJECTIVE: We sought to determine the relative frequency and nature of personal display of cigarette packs by smokers in two Australian cities where 30% front-of-pack and 90% back-of-pack health warnings have been used since 2006 and comprehensive tobacco marketing restrictions apply. METHODS: An observational study counted patrons, active smokers and tobacco packs at cafés, restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. Pack orientation and use of cigarette cases were also noted. RESULTS: Overall, 18954 patrons, 1576 active smokers and 2153 packs were observed, meaning that one out of every 12.0 patrons was actively smoking, and one of every 8.8 patrons displayed a pack. Packs were more frequen..

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