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Partial melting of metabasic rocks in Val Strona di Omegna, Ivrea Zone, northern Italy

Barbara E Kunz, Tim E Johnson, Richard W White, Charlotte Redler

Lithos | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2014


Field and petrographic observations combined with major and trace element bulk rock geochemistry show that metabasic rocks within Val Strona di Omegna in the central Ivrea Zone partially melted during granulite facies regional metamorphism. A transition from granoblastic amphibolite facies metabasic rocks at the lowest metamorphic grades to metatexitic and diatexitic migmatites in the granulite facies records the effects of in situ fluid-absent partial melting. Coarse-grained euhedral clinopyroxene porphyroblasts within leucosomes are consistent with anatexis via incongruent fluid-absent melting reactions consuming hornblende, plagioclase and quartz to form clinopyroxene and melt. Field obse..

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