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A programmable motion phantom for quality assurance of motion management in radiotherapy

L Dunn, T Kron, PN Johnston, LN McDermott, ML Taylor, J Callahan, RD Franich

Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine | SPRINGER | Published : 2012


A commercially available motion phantom (QUASAR, Modus Medical) was modified for programmable motion control with the aim of reproducing patient respiratory motion in one dimension in both the anterior-posterior and superior-inferior directions, as well as, providing controllable breath-hold and sinusoidal patterns for the testing of radiotherapy gating systems. In order to simulate realistic patient motion, the DC motor was replaced by a stepper motor. A separate 'chest-wall' motion platform was also designed to accommodate a variety of surrogate marker systems. The platform employs a second stepper motor that allows for the decoupling of the chest-wall and insert motion. The platform's acc..

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