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Multi-level analysis of causal attribution of injury to alcohol and modifying effects: Data from two international emergency room projects

CJ Cherpitel, J Bond, Y Ye, G Borges, R Room, V Poznyak, W Hao

Drug and Alcohol Dependence | ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD | Published : 2006


Although alcohol consumption and injury has received a great deal of attention in the literature, less is known about patient's causal attribution of the injury event to their drinking or factors which modify attribution. Hierarchical linear modeling is used to analyze the relationships of the volume of alcohol consumed prior to injury and feeling drunk at the time of the event with causal attribution, as well as the association of aggregate individual-level and socio-cultural variables on these relationships. Data analyzed are from 1955 ER patients who reported drinking prior to injury included in 35 ERs from 24 studies covering 15 countries from the combined Emergency Room Collaborative Al..

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