Conference Proceedings

Average volume of alcohol consumption, drinking patterns and related burden of mortality in young people in established market economies of Europe

J Rehm, G Gmel, R Room, U Frick

European Addiction Research | KARGER | Published : 2001


OBJECTIVE: To determine the burden of mortality in young people (age 15-29) in established market economies in Europe in 1999, which is attributable to alcohol consumption. Two dimensions of alcohol consumption were considered: average volume of consumption, and patterns of drinking. METHODS: Mortality data were obtained from the WHO EIP data bank, average volume data from the WHO global databank on alcohol, pattern of drinking data from a questionnaire sent out to experts, from the published literature and from the WHO global databank. Methods are explained and discussed in detail in two other contributions to this volume. RESULTS: More than 8,000 deaths of people aged 15-29 in Europe in 19..

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