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Comparison of Plasmodium falciparum allelic frequency distribution in different endemic settings by high-resolution genotyping

Sonja Schoepflin, Francesca Valsangiacomo, Enmoore Lin, Benson Kiniboro, Ivo Mueller, Ingrid Felger

Malaria Journal | BMC | Published : 2009


BACKGROUND: The diversity of genotyping markers of Plasmodium falciparum depends on transmission intensity. It has been reported that the diversity of the merozoite surface protein 2 (msp2) is greater in areas of high compared to low endemicity, however, results for msp1 were inconsistent. These previous reports relied on low resolution genotyping techniques. METHODS: In the present study, a high-resolution capillary electrophoresis-based technique was applied to genotype samples from areas of different endemicity in Papua New Guinea and Tanzania. For both endemic settings, the diversity of msp1 and msp2 was investigated; the mean multiplicity of infection (MOI) and the FST values were deter..

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Awarded by Swiss National Science Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the study participants and their parents or legal guardians from PNG and TZ, as well as the staff from the PNG Institute of Medical Research and the Ifakara Health Institute who carried out the field work. We thank Peter A Zimmerman for contributing to the study design. We are also grateful to Amanda Ross and Tom Smith for estimation of the true multiplicity of infection. The authors thank the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant no. 112196) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) for financial support. S. S. was supported by the Forlen Foundation. The authors declare that they have no financial or any other association to the work reported which might pose any conflict of interest.