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Pits and fissures: etch resistance in prismless enamel walls

MF Burrow, JF Burrow, OF Makinson

Australian Dental Journal | AUSTRALIAN DENTAL ASSN INC | Published : 2001


BACKGROUND: In a previous study to examine the nature of etching on the walls of fissures, there was a consistent result of resistance to deep etching on parts of the walls and a zone of lesser etching on part of the walls as evidenced by the uptake of stain. The staining had been used to examine the nature of the etch pattern. The aims of this study were to define the nature of this etch resistant area. METHODS: A sample of 55 teeth, both molars and premolars, were divided into three groups. In the first group the wetting of fissures by the etchant was examined; the second group tested for the effects of pellicle-cuticle-debris or air entrapment on the etching process. The final group looke..

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