Journal article

The effect of retail cigarette pack displays on impulse purchase

Melanie Wakefield, Daniella Germain, Lisa Henriksen

Addiction | WILEY | Published : 2008


AIMS: To assess the extent to which point-of purchase (POP) cigarette displays stimulate impulse purchases. DESIGN: Telephone-administered population survey. SETTING: Victoria, Australia. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 2996 adults, among whom 526 smoked factory-made cigarettes and 67 were recent quitters (quit in the past 12 months). MEASUREMENTS: Reported cigarette purchase behaviour; perceived effect on smoking of removing cigarettes from view in retail outlets; reported urges to buy cigarettes as a result of seeing the cigarette display. FINDINGS: When shopping for items other than cigarettes, 25.2% of smokers purchased cigarettes at least sometimes on impulse as a result of seeing the cigarett..

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