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Conservation of L and 3C proteinase activities across distantly related aphthoviruses

TM Hinton, N Ross-Smith, S Warner, GJ Belsham, BS Crabb

Journal of General Virology | MICROBIOLOGY SOC | Published : 2002


The foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) leader (L) proteinase is an important virulence determinant in FMDV infections. It possesses two distinct catalytic activities: (i) C-terminal processing at the L/VP4 junction; and (ii) induction of the cleavage of translation initiation factor eIF4G, an event that inhibits cap-dependent translation in infected cells. The only other member of the Aphthovirus genus, equine rhinitis A virus (ERAV), also encodes an L protein, but this shares only 32% amino acid identity with its FMDV counterpart. Another more distantly related picornavirus, equine rhinitis B virus (ERBV), which is not classified as an aphthovirus, also encodes an L protein. Using in vitro..

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