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Encapsulation of Biomolecular Therapeutics into Degradable Polymer Capsules

Siow-Feng Chong, Alisa L Becker, Alexander N Zelikin, Frank Caruso, VP Shastri (ed.), A Lendlein (ed.), L Liu (ed.), A Mikos (ed.), S Mitragotri (ed.)

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings | MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY | Published : 2009


We report on a novel technique to achieve encapsulation of nucleic acids and oligopeptides, two important classes of biomolecular therapeutics, into degradable polymer microcapsules for diverse biomedical applications. The capsules were obtained from poly(methacrylic acid) chains cross-linked via disulfide bonds and effectively confined the cargo using a combination of steric and electrostatic factors to hinder the diffusion of like-charged macromolecules. While DNA was successfully encapsulated in its pristine form, confinement of the oligopeptides required their conjugation to a carrier polymer. In both cases, assembly protocol allowed control over the capsules loading and was proven to be..

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