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Platelet storage temperature - How low can we go?

Emma C Josefsson, John H Hartwig, Karin M Hoffmeister

Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy | KARGER | Published : 2007


Transfusion of human platelets, stored in blood banks as concentrates, is the treatment of choice for thrombocytopenia and bleeding. To be clinically effective, transfused platelets must circulate and retain sufficient function to recognize and react to vascular damage. Storage at room temperature is limited to 5-7 days because of the risk of bacterial growth and loss of platelet functionality, as platelets do not tolerate refrigeration. Once chilled, platelets are detected and rapidly removed from circulation despite high functionality. We recently defined a clearance mechanism for short-term (2 h) refrigerated platelets: αMβ2 receptors on hepatic macrophages recognize clustered βGlcNAc res..

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