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Closed loop control of sedation for colonoscopy using the Bispectral Index

K Leslie, A Absalom, GNC Kenny

Anaesthesia | WILEY | Published : 2002


Sixteen patients undergoing colonoscopy were sedated with propofol using a closed-loop control system guided by the Bispectral Index (BIS). Propofol administration, via a target-controlled infusion, was controlled by a proportional-integral-differential control algorithm. The median (range) propofol target concentration during closed-loop control was 2.3 (1.7-3.6) The performance characteristics of the system were excellent, with a median absolute performance error of 7 (1-15). Patients were drowsy yet rousable, with a median (range) BIS set-point of 80 (75-85). No patient became apnoeic, required airway support or became haemodynamically unstable whilst sedated. Eight patient..

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