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Coagulation studies in preoperative neurosurgical patients

B Schramm, K Leslie, PS Myles, CJ Hogan

Anaesthesia and Intensive Care | AUSTRALIAN SOC ANAESTHETISTS | Published : 2001


Unselected preoperative coagulation testing is known to have low positive yield. However, no study has specifically evaluated neurosurgical patients. A retrospective study of 1211 patients having neurosurgery over a one-year period was therefore conducted. Preoperative test results (activated partial thromboplastin time [aPTT], prothrombin time [PT] and platelet count) and historical factors indicating a potential bleeding tendency were recorded. Abnormality was defined as a test result outside the normal range for our laboratory. Seventeen per cent of all test results were abnormal. However, if abnormality was redefined as a test result indicating potential bleeding tendency (low platelet c..

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