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Stabilization of the helical structure of Y2-selective analogues of neuropeptide Y by lactam bridges

SG Yao, MA Smith-White, EK Potter, RS Norton

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2002


The importance of helical structure in an analogue of NPY selective for the Y2 receptor, Ac[Leu28,31]NPY24-36, has been investigated by introducing a lactam bridge between positions 28 and 32. The resulting analogue, Ac-cyclo28/32[Ala24,Lys28,Leu31,Glu32]NPY24-36, is a potent Y2-selective agonist. Structural analysis by NMR shows that this analogue forms a helical structure in a 40% trifluoroethanol/water mixture, whereas in water only the region around the lactam bridge (Lys28-Glu32) adopts helical-like structure, with both N- and C-termini being poorly defined. The observation of well-defined helical structure in aqueous TFE contrasts with that reported for a similar analogue, Ac-cyclo28/3..

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