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Characterisation of novel perennial ryegrass host-Neotyphodium endophyte associations

P Tian, T-N Le, EJ Ludlow, KF Smith, JW Forster, KM Guthridge, GC Spangenberg

Crop and Pasture Science | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2013


The temperate pasture grass Lolium perenne L. is commonly found in symbiotic association with the asexual fungal endophyte Neotyphodium lolii. Levels of endophyte colonisation and alkaloid content were evaluated in associations formed by plant genotypes from cv. Bronsyn with the standard endophyte (SE) and five distinct commercial endophyte strains. Bronsyn-SE produced all of the measured alkaloids (lolitrem B, peramine, and ergovaline). Bronsyn-AR1 produced only peramine, while Bronsyn-AR37 produced none of the tested alkaloids. Bronsyn-NEA2, Bronsyn-NEA3, and Bronsyn-NEA6 produced both ergovaline and peramine. Both endophyte strain and host genotype exerted significant effects on alkaloid ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The research described here was funded by the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries and New Zealand Agriseeds Ltd through the Molecular Plant Breeding and Dairy Futures Cooperative Research Centres. We thank Dr Simone J. Rochfort (Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries) for helpful comments on alkaloid analysis and access to unpublished data.