Journal article

Internal mandibular distraction to relieve airway obstruction in infants and young children with micrognathia

R Chigurupati, J Massie, P Dargaville, A Heggie



Micrognathia may cause upper airway obstruction requiring complex medical interventions and sometimes tracheostomy. The role of distraction techniques to lengthen the mandible is yet to be clarified. The aim of this paper is to present a series of five cases in which mandibular lengthening by osteotomy and internal distraction was used to relieve airway obstruction. Five patients whose ages ranged from 4-39 months (mean, 15 months) were managed at our center with internal distraction osteogenesis to relieve airway obstruction. Three patients had a tracheostomy, and two patients had refractory airway obstruction prior to distraction. Following osteotomy and insertion of internal distraction d..

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