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A structural approach to understanding the interactions between colour, water-holding capacity and tenderness

JM Hughes, SK Oiseth, PP Purslow, RD Warner

Meat Science | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2014


The colour, water-holding capacity (WHC) and tenderness of meat are primary determinants of visual and sensory appeal. Although there are many factors which influence these quality traits, the end-results of their influence is often through key changes to the structure of muscle proteins and their spatial arrangement. Water acts as a plasticiser of muscle proteins and water is lost from the myofibrillar lattice structure as a result of protein denaturation and consequent reductions in the muscle fibre volume with increasing cooking temperature. Changes in the myofilament lattice arrangement also impact the light scattering properties and the perceived paleness of the meat. Causes of variatio..

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