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Use of neostigmine in massive ivermectin toxicity in cats

G Muhammad, A Jabbar, MZ Khan, M Saqib

Veterinary and Human Toxicology | COMPARATIVE TOXICOLOGY LAB | Published : 2004


Over-the-counter availability of drugs in developing countries poses the risk of their abuse and overdosing in animals by the owners. This report describes ivermectin toxicosis and its treatment with neostigmine methylsulfate in 2 kittens and an adult cat that had been massively overdosed by their owners. Of two 4-w-old 300 g kittens, one was injected with 1.5 ml ivermectin (15 mg; corresponding to 250 times the recommended dose) by the owner and became comatose, started salivation and died after 2 1/2 h. The other kitten was treated with about 0.75 ml ivermectin (7.5 mg; corresponding to 125 times the recommended dose) by the same owner and developed ataxia and salivation after 2 h, went in..

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