Journal article

Runx2: A novel oncogenic effector revealed by in vivo complementation and retroviral tagging

K Blyth, A Terry, N Mackay, F Vaillant, M Bell, ER Cameron, JC Neil, M Stewart

Oncogene | SPRINGERNATURE | Published : 2001


The Runx2 (Cbfa1, Pebp2alphaA, Aml3) gene was previously identified as a frequent target for transcriptional activation by proviral insertion in T-cell lymphomas of CD2-MYC transgenic mice. We have recently shown that over-expression of the full-length, most highly expressed Runx2 isoform in the thymus perturbs T-cell development, leads to development of spontaneous lymphomas at low frequency and is strongly synergistic with Myc. To gain further insight into the relationship of Runx2 to other lymphomagenic pathways, we tested the effect of combining the CD2-Runx2 transgene either with a Pim1 transgene (E(mu)-Pim1) or with the p53 null genotype, as each of these displays independent synergy w..

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