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A reconnaissance of Cu isotopic compositions of hydrothermal vein-type copper deposit, Jinman, Yunnan, China

SY Jiang, J Woodhead, JM Yu, JY Pan, QL Liao, NP Wu

Science Bulletin | SCIENCE CHINA PRESS | Published : 2002


The Jinman deposit is a low-temperature hydrothermal vein-type copper deposit, which occurs along faults and fractures within Middle Jurassic sandstone and mudstone units of the Lanping-Simao Mesozoic-Cenozoic basin of Yunnan Province. In this note, we report for the first time the Cu isotopic compositions of Cu-sulfides from the Jinman deposit. The data show large variations and low δ65Cu values of -3.70‰ to +0.30‰, which are in sharp contrast to the δ65Cu values of high-temperature magmatic-hydrothermal copper deposits (-0.62‰ to +0.40‰) and the modern ocean-floor massive sulfide deposits (-0.48‰ to +1.15‰). It is suggested that the Cu isotope fractionation at Jinman is affected mainly by ..

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