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Differential Host Response, Rather Than Early Viral Replication Efficiency, Correlates with Pathogenicity Caused by Influenza Viruses

Peter S Askovich, Catherine J Sanders, Carrie M Rosenberger, Alan H Diercks, Pradyot Dash, Garnet Navarro, Peter Vogel, Peter C Doherty, Paul G Thomas, Alan Aderem

PLoS One | PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE | Published : 2013


Influenza viruses exhibit large, strain-dependent differences in pathogenicity in mammalian hosts. Although the characteristics of severe disease, including uncontrolled viral replication, infection of the lower airway, and highly inflammatory cytokine responses have been extensively documented, the specific virulence mechanisms that distinguish highly pathogenic strains remain elusive. In this study, we focused on the early events in influenza infection, measuring the growth rate of three strains of varying pathogenicity in the mouse airway epithelium and simultaneously examining the global host transcriptional response over the first 24 hours. Although all strains replicated equally rapidl..

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