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Assessment of learning ability and behaviour in low birthweight lambs following intrauterine growth restriction

EJ Camm, ME Gibbs, ML Cock, SM Rees, R Harding

Reproduction Fertility and Development | C S I R O PUBLISHING | Published : 2000


The present study used behavioural tasks to assess learning ability and behaviour in postnatal lambs, and to examine the effects of low birthweight (LBW) and age on subsequent performance. It was hypothesized that intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and LBW lead to learning and behavioural deficits in the early postnatal period. IUGR and LBW were induced by umbilico-placental embolization from 120 days of gestational age (g.a.) to the onset of labour. Behavioural studies were performed on 6 LBW and 6 control lambs between 2 and 6 weeks after birth. LBW lambs were born at 139+/-1 days g.a. (2.4+/-0.2 kg) and control lambs were born at 149+/-1 days g.a. (4.5+/-0.4 kg). Three tasks were used..

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