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Frontoethmoidal encephaloceles: Reconstruction and refinements

AD Holmes, JG Meara, AR Kolker, JV Rosenfeld, GL Klug

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery | LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS | Published : 2001


Frontoethmoidal encephaloceles are herniations of the intracranial contents through a defect in the skull at the junction of the frontal and ethmoidal bones. They are generally classified as nasofrontal, nasoethmoidal, and naso-orbital, although there may be some overlap or multiplicity. The records of 35 patients treated for frontoethmoidal encephaloceles were examined. Of these, 12 cases with complete and accurate medical records were evaluated in detail. The successful correction of frontoethmoidal encephaloceles was shown to depend on the following: a detailed understanding of the pathological anatomy (such as interorbital hypertelorism rather than true orbital hypertelorism and the pres..

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