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Measurement of iohexol by capillary electrophoresis: minimizing practical problems encountered

MA Jenkins, C Houlihan, S Ratnaike, G Jerums, JD Parkin

Annals of Clinical Biochemistry International Journal of Laboratory Medicine | ROYAL SOC MEDICINE PRESS LTD | Published : 2000


Iohexol is a non-ionic contrast agent, which has been widely described in recent literature as an accurate marker for the measurement of glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Our aim was to establish a capillary electrophoresis assay, based on a previously described method, that had adequate reproducibility to be used as part of a clinical trial. In this paper, we examine the practical aspects, pitfalls and steps we took to achieve a precise and reproducible assay. To minimize laboratory variation, we examined properties such as the use of an internal standard in a capillary electrophoresis separation, alternative deproteinization methods for serum, the most suitable matrix for the dilution of s..

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