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Influence of hydration and mechanical characterization of carious primary dentine using an ultra-micro indentation system (UMIS)

L Angker, N Nijhof, MV Swain, NM Kilpatrick

European Journal Of Oral Sciences | WILEY | Published : 2004


The conditions under which mechanical properties of dentine are tested influence the values recorded. The aims of this study were to examine the effect of hydration on the mechanical properties of primary carious dentine and to provide information on changes in hardness and modulus of elasticity change caused by the demineralizing caries process in dentine. Three primary molar teeth with untreated carious dentine were prepared for nano-indentation tests under both wet and dry conditions. Further tests were conducted on eight primary molars with untreated carious dentine under hydrated conditions. The mechanical properties of dehydrated carious dentine increased approximately 10-fold for hard..

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