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Mechanical properties across hypomineralized/hypoplastic enamel of first permanent molar teeth

E Mahoney, FSM Ismail, N Kilpatrick, M Swain

European Journal Of Oral Sciences | WILEY | Published : 2004


The aims of the present study were to investigate the mechanical properties of first permanent molars affected with enamel hypomineralization or hypoplasia, and to describe the appearance of these lesions under scanning electron microscopy. Eight first permanent molar test teeth and two unaffected premolars (controls) were enclosed in resin, then sectioned axially and polished. The hardness and modulus of elasticity was determined from a single array of indentations made parallel to the amelo-dentinal junction using an Ultra-Micro-Indentation system. The teeth were then examined using the scanning electron microscope. The mechanical properties of the test teeth in the unaffected cervical reg..

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