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The timeless influence of Hippocratic ideas on diet, salicylates and personalized medicine

Tom C Karagiannis

Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine | HELLENIC SOC NUCLEAR MEDICINE | Published : 2014


At a time when superstition and deities were thought to be responsible for health and disease, Hippocrates of Kos emerged as a rational thinker assigning disease to natural causes. His insights, which principally arose from what may be considered almost compulsive examination and comparison, formed the basis of Hippocratic Medicine. There are still unresolved questions regarding the authenticity of the approximately 70 works shaping the Hippocratic Corpus. Assigning authorship precisely presents difficulties and given that the various treatises in the collection appear to span a period of between 100 and 300 years, it is clear that they may not be ascribed to a single author. Ancient comment..

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