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Sexual dimorphism in growth of sucking and growing pigs

FR Dunshea

Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences | ASIAN-AUSTRALASIAN ASSOC ANIMAL PRODUCTION SOCIETIES | Published : 2001


Three studies were conducted to determine the effect of sex on pre- and post-weaning performance of pigs. These studies were conducted in response to observations that female pigs appear to grow faster than male pigs after weaning. In addition, female pigs have been found to grow faster than male pigs when supplied with supplemental milk before weaning. The aims of the present work were to further characterise the ontogeny of sex differences growth of nursing and growing pigs. In the first study, piglets sucking 32 sows were crossfostered to produce litters of 10 boars (n=9), 10 gilts (n=11) or 5 boars and 5 gilts (n=12). Liveweight of the sucking pigs was then measured weekly until weaning ..

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