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Karyotype, phenotype and parental origin in 19 cases of triploidy

A Daniel, ZH Wu, B Bennetts, H Slater, R Osborn, J Jackson, V Pupko, J Nelson, G Watson, C Cooke-Yarborough, C Loo



The parental origin of triploidy in 19 cases was examined by inheritance of DNA microsatellites and by methylation patterns of SNRPN or PW71 (where parents' blood was unavailable). The fetal and placental morphology on these cases was reviewed. The phenotype of the fetuses with non-mosaic triploidy was assessed in relation to the two types described by McFadden and Kalousek. Of the diandric fetuses three of the six showed mild-to-moderate symmetrical growth retardation and the other three had growth characteristics in accordance with their gestational ages. This study would suggest the fetal triploid 'Type 1' definition be modified to 'well grown to moderate symmetrical IUGR' to allow for su..

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