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Imbalanced globin chain synthesis determines erythroid cell pathology in thalassemic mice

Kanitta Srinoun, Saovaros Svasti, Worrakavee Chumworathayee, Jim Vadolas, Phantip Vattanaviboon, Suthat Fucharoen, Pranee Winichagoon

Haematologica | FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION | Published : 2009


BACKGROUND: beta-thalassemia occurs from the imbalanced globin chain synthesis due to the absence or inadequate beta-globin chain production. The excessive unbound alpha-globin chains precipitate in erythroid precursors and mature red blood cells leading to ineffective erythropoiesis and hemolysis. DESIGN AND METHODS: In vitro globin chain synthesis in reticulocytes from different types of thalassemic mice was performed. The effect of imbalanced globin chain synthesis was assessed from changes of red blood cell properties including increased numbers of red blood cells vesicles and apoptotic red blood cells, increased reactive oxygen species and decreased red blood cell survival. RESULTS: The..

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