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Characterization of unique amphipathic antimicrobial peptides from venom of the scorpion Pandinus imperator

G Corzo, P Escoubas, E Villegas, KJ Barnham, WL He, RS Norton, T Nakajima

Biochemical Journal | PORTLAND PRESS LTD | Published : 2001


Two novel antimicrobial peptides have been identified and characterized from venom of the African scorpion Pandinus imperator. The peptides, designated pandinin 1 and 2, are alpha-helical polycationic peptides, with pandinin 1 belonging to the group of antibacterial peptides previously described from scorpions, frogs and insects, and pandinin 2 to the group of short magainin-type helical peptides from frogs. Both peptides demonstrated high antimicrobial activity against a range of Gram-positive bacteria (2.4-5.2 microM), but were less active against Gram-negative bacteria (2.4-38.2 microM), and only pandinin 2 affected the yeast Candida albicans. Pandinin 2 also demonstrated strong haemolyti..

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