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Diet and diet preferences of introduced ungulates (Order : Artiodactyla) in New Zealand

DM Forsyth, DA Coomes, G Nugent, GMJ Hall

New Zealand Journal of Zoology | SIR PUBLISHING | Published : 2002


Understanding the diet and diet preferences of introduced ungulates is a crucial step towards modelling their trophic interactions and managing their impacts. We collated information on the diet of 8 introduced ungulates (Order: Artiodactyla) from 19 studies in New Zealand. A total of 185 indigenous plant genera (379 species) was recorded as eaten. Five studies assessed diet choice by 4 ungulate species (red deer, fallow deer, white‐tailed deer, and feral goats) in forests. Of the 60 plant species or genera present in two or more studies, 8 were always “preferred” (eaten more than expected from their availability) and 15 were always “avoided” (proportionately less eaten than was available); ..

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