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Reliable Discrimination of 10 Ungulate Species Using High Resolution Melting Analysis of Faecal DNA

Ana Ramon-Laca, Dianne Gleeson, Ivor Yockney, Michael Perry, Graham Nugent, David M Forsyth

PLoS One | PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE | Published : 2014


Identifying species occupying an area is essential for many ecological and conservation studies. Faecal DNA is a potentially powerful method for identifying cryptic mammalian species. In New Zealand, 10 species of ungulate (Order: Artiodactyla) have established wild populations and are managed as pests because of their impacts on native ecosystems. However, identifying the ungulate species present within a management area based on pellet morphology is unreliable. We present a method that enables reliable identification of 10 ungulate species (red deer, sika deer, rusa deer, fallow deer, sambar deer, white-tailed deer, Himalayan tahr, Alpine chamois, feral sheep, and feral goat) from swabs of..

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