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Birthplace in New South Wales, Australia: an analysis of perinatal outcomes using routinely collected data

Caroline SE Homer, Charlene Thornton, Vanessa L Scarf, David A Ellwood, Jeremy JN Oats, Maralyn J Foureur, David Sibbritt, Helen L McLachlan, Della A Forster, Hannah G Dahlen



BACKGROUND: The outcomes for women who give birth in hospital compared with at home are the subject of ongoing debate. We aimed to determine whether a retrospective linked data study using routinely collected data was a viable means to compare perinatal and maternal outcomes and interventions in labour by planned place of birth at the onset of labour in one Australian state. METHODS: A population-based cohort study was undertaken using routinely collected linked data from the New South Wales Perinatal Data Collection, Admitted Patient Data Collection, Register of Congenital Conditions, Registry of Birth Deaths and Marriages and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Eight years of data provide..

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