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Interferon-gamma regulates growth and controls Fc gamma receptor expression and activation in human intestinal mast cells

Gernot Sellge, Miriam Barkowsky, Sigrid Kramer, Thomas Gebhardt, Leif E Sander, Axel Lorentz, Stephan C Bischoff

BMC IMMUNOLOGY | BMC | Published : 2014


BACKGROUND: Development and function of tissue resident mast cells (MCs) is tightly controlled by various cytokines, most of which belong to the typical T helper (Th) 2-type cytokines such as IL-3 and IL-4. The effects of the Th1-type cytokine IFN-γ on human MCs is less clear. RESULTS: Here, we analyzed the effects of IFN-γ on tissue-derived, mature human MCs. We found that INF-γ decreases proliferation, without affecting apoptosis in human intestinal MCs cultured in the presence of optimal concentrations of stem cell factor (SCF) or SCF and IL-4. However, in the absence of growth factors or at suboptimal concentrations of SCF, INF-γ promotes survival through inhibition of MC apoptosis. Inte..

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