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Comparative genomics of the mimicry switch in Papilio dardanus

Martijn JTN Timmermans, Simon W Baxter, Rebecca Clark, David G Heckel, Heiko Vogel, Steve Collins, Alexie Papanicolaou, Iva Fukova, Mathieu Joron, Martin J Thompson, Chris D Jiggins, Richard H Ffrench-Constant, Alfried P Vogler

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences | ROYAL SOC | Published : 2014


The African Mocker Swallowtail, Papilio dardanus, is a textbook example in evolutionary genetics. Classical breeding experiments have shown that wing pattern variation in this polymorphic Batesian mimic is determined by the polyallelic H locus that controls a set of distinct mimetic phenotypes. Using bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) sequencing, recombination analyses and comparative genomics, we show that H co-segregates with an interval of less than 500 kb that is collinear with two other Lepidoptera genomes and contains 24 genes, including the transcription factor genes engrailed (en) and invected (inv). H is located in a region of conserved gene order, which argues against any role f..

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Funded by NE/F006225/1 of the Natural Environment Research Council of the UK. M.J.T.N.T. was funded through a NERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (NE/I021578/1). Illumina library preparation and sequencing was carried out by NBAF Edinburgh (NBAF677).