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Estimating population size in the presence of temporary migration using a joint analysis of telemetry and capture-recapture data

Tomas Bird, Jarod Lyon, Simon Nicol, Michael McCarthy, Richard Barker



Temporary migration - where individuals can leave and re-enter a sampled population - is a feature of many capture-mark-recapture (CMR) studies of mobile populations which, if unaccounted for, can lead to biased estimates of population capture probabilities and consequently biased estimates of population abundance. We present a method for incorporating radiotelemetry data within a CMR study to eliminate bias due to temporary migration using a Bayesian state-space model. Our results indicate that using a relatively small number of telemetry tags, it is possible to greatly reduce bias in estimates of capture probabilities using telemetry data to model transition probabilities in and out of the..

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Funding Acknowledgements

T. Bird was funded in part by an ARC Linkage grant, a University of Melbourne scholarship and the ARC Center of Excellence in Environmental Decisions, and acknowledges the support of AEB, LBB and MAB. Funding for the electrofishing sampling was provided by the Murray Darling Basin Authority. We also acknowledge the hard work of the Arthur Rylah Institute's electrofishing crew and the detailed comments of two reviewers.