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Exploratory Analysis of Glyburide as a Novel Therapy for Preventing Brain Swelling

Kevin N Sheth, W Taylor Kimberly, Jordan J Elm, Thomas A Kent, Albert J Yoo, Goetz Thomalla, Bruce Campbell, Geoffrey A Donnan, Stephen M Davis, Gregory W Albers, Sven Jacobson, Gregory del Zoppo, J Marc Simard, Barney J Stern, Pitchaiah Mandava



BACKGROUND: Malignant infarction is characterized by the formation of cerebral edema, and medical treatment is limited. Preclinical data suggest that glyburide, an inhibitor of SUR1-TRPM4, is effective in preventing edema. We previously reported feasibility of the GAMES-Pilot study, a two-center prospective, open label, phase IIa trial of 10 subjects at high risk for malignant infarction based on diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) threshold of 82 cm(3) treated with RP-1127 (glyburide for injection). In this secondary analysis, we tested the hypothesis that RP-1127 may be efficacious in preventing poor outcome when compared to controls. METHODS: Controls suffering large hemispheric infarction w..

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