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Altitudinal Distribution Patterns of Soil Bacterial and Archaeal Communities Along Mt. Shegyla on the Tibetan Plateau

Jun-Tao Wang, Peng Cao, Hang-Wei Hu, Jing Li, Li-Li Han, Li-Mei Zhang, Yuan-Ming Zheng, Ji-Zheng He

Microbial Ecology | SPRINGER | Published : 2015


Unraveling the distribution patterns of plants and animals along the elevational gradients has been attracting growing scientific interests of ecologists, whether the microbial communities exhibit similar elevational patterns, however, remains largely less documented. Here, we investigate the biogeographic distribution of soil archaeal and bacterial communities across three vertical climate zones (3,106-4,479 m.a.s.l.) in Mt. Shegyla on the Tibetan Plateau, by combining quantitative PCR and high-throughput barcoded pyrosequencing approaches. Our results found that the ratio of bacterial to archaeal 16S rRNA gene abundance was negatively related with elevation. Acidobacteria dominated in the ..

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Awarded by National Science Foundation of China

Awarded by MOST

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was financially supported by grants from National Science Foundation of China (41230857, 41025004), MOST (2013CB956300), and STSN-21-02. We gratefully acknowledge Drs Mu Wang and Xi Zha from Agricultural and Animal Husbandry College of Tibet for their assistance in soil sampling.