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Relationship between timed and spot urine collections for measuring phosphate excretion

Sven-Jean Tan, Edward R Smith, Michael MX Cai, Stephen G Holt, Tim D Hewitson, Nigel D Toussaint



BACKGROUND: Twenty-four hour urinary phosphate excretion (UPE) reflects intestinal phosphate absorption in steady state and may be more informative than serum phosphate (sPi) when assessing phosphate homoeostasis clinically. Timed urine collections are cumbersome and prone to collection errors. Spot urine phosphate/creatinine ratio (uPiCr) may be a useful, simple surrogate for 24-h UPE, but requires further validation. This study aimed to determine the relationship between uPiCr and 24-h UPE. METHODS: This single-centre cross-sectional study examined contemporaneous serum, spot urine and 24-h urine. Serum biochemistry was analysed. Urine phosphate concentration (uPi) and creatinine concentra..

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