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A regime diagram for subduction styles from 3-D numerical models of free subduction

DR Stegman, R Farrington, FA Capitanio, WP Schellart

Tectonophysics | ELSEVIER | Published : 2010


Previous models of subduction (both analogue and numerical) have observed a number of distinct styles of subduction, each with particular subduction motions (partitioned between slab rollback and forward plate advance) and associated slab morphologies. We use 3-D numerical models to investigate subduction dynamics by varying the strength of slabs as well as the buoyancy, and propose a new classification based on these parameters. The slab strength is specified both through the ratio of viscosities between the subducting plate and upper mantle (ηplate/ηum) as well as the plate thickness, hplate. Only a very restrictive range of plates ("strong" plates with smaller buoyancy) tend to favor mode..

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