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Construction of Microbelts through the Coassembly of a Disclike Molecule and Primary Alkyl Ammoniums: A Noncovalent Strategy to Mimic Covalently Bonded pi-Core Alkyl Chain Structure

Ze-Yun Xiao, Xin Zhao, Xi-Kui Jiang, Zhan-Ting Li

Langmuir | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2010


In this letter, we report the fabrication of microbelts through the coassembly of hexa-2-pyridyl-hexaazatriphenylen (HPHAT), a disklike pi-conjugated molecule, with primary alkyl ammonium triflate. The strategy is first to construct hydrogen-bonded complexes between HPHAT and primary alkyl ammoniums to mimic covalently bonded pi-core alkyl chain structures, and then the complexes self-assemble into microbelts driven by pi-pi stacking in the pi core and van der Waals interactions between the peripheral alkyl chains. The morphology of as-prepared microbelts has been characterized with scanning electron microscopy (SEM), optical microscopy, polarizing microscopy, and transmission electron micro..

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